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Russia special forses. / The true crime documentary.

Film - In Development

Serie based om Vera Efron documentary book ”Spetsnaz – Russia’s especial forces”.

They have always been surrounded by a certain nimbus, myths, and rumors. What is true and what is myth? We find out in the series where real operations and personal interviews are mixed with extracts from archive material. From the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Operation Crimea, through startling settlements of opponents and hostages – it about dramatic events that show what these elite forces are capable of.

Sold – A true story.


Sold is a scary, gripping and true story about a young Russian girl who dreams of a better life but instead falls victim to trafficking. Her ticket to freedom will be a worse nightmare than she could have imagined.

When Sold was first published, it provoked strong debate. It was noticed by SVT, TV4, Aftonbladet, Expressen, Metro and Stockholm City, among others.

Alexandra Kollontay - a riddle, wrapped in a mystery.


Film based on Vera Efron’s documentary book.

During World War II in the snow-covered Stockholm, the Soviet ambassador Alexandra Kollontay holds her luxurious receptions and parties. Among the guests are diplomats, security services people, spies and politicians. But when all guest leaving, she is negotiating in the greatest secrecy with the richest industrial magnate Wallenberg. What was the purpose for this meetings and why was she called back by Stalin for execution, but was announced at the last minute?